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Benimussa Park – Club Profile, Information & Tips

"It even has its own roller disco. Benimussa Park has it all..."

Didn’t you know, Ibiza is powered on gossip and folklore? Why else do you think we have an abandoned club and an abandoned hotel amongst our island myths and legends? In spite of this, claims that Benimussa Park was an “abandoned zoo” are a little misleading, if not entirely false. What is true, is that the large outdoor concourse was once a failing petting zoo that struggled to turn a profit. But hey, for many the story has an allure, and who are we to dismiss the magic?

In any case, we much prefer Benimussa Park in its current guise: a sprawling 40,000 sqm surrounded by pine trees, that retains all of its original quirks including animal enclosures. The venue’s many zones include the seal pit, the treehouse, and the living room. It even has its own roller disco. Anyone wanting to cool off can even bring a spare change of clothes and dip in the pool. Benimussa Park has it all. Most famous for its emblematic party series, The Zoo Project which really plays up the venue’s heritage. As the name infers, it’s an event where party animals get primal to eco-friendly beats.

A band of misfit actors will keep you entertained with character-driven performance and storytelling, though even more compelling is Benimussa Park’s commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

Top Tips

  • Once the music finishes outdoors at 23:00, the crowds flock to the exit, but the party doesn’t stop! It continues in the intimate rabbit hole, a small onsite club.
  • People put a lot of effort into dressing up for the Zoo Project, make sure to prepare the animal inside of you!

Prices & Opening Times

Benimussa Park opens at 16:00 and closes at 02:00.

Entry into Benimussa Park is usually around €30 on the door but can be cheaper if buying in advance. Draft beer is €8, bottled water is €5, and long drinks are €12.

Dress Code

The Dress Code at Benimussa Park is very casual, and fancy dress as your favourite (Or sexiest) animal is encouraged.

Pro Badge

Get involved and get body painted up as your favourite wildlife or dress from head to toe in a gorilla suit. Sure to get you lots of dancefloor attention and untold respect from the Zoo Project organisers.

Did you Know?

You can donate to a variety of worthy causes during your visit to Benimussa Park. In the foyer, you will find dedicated charity stalls for schemes such as One Tree Planted and The Nature Project. To discourage littering, you also pay a €1 deposit for your first drink (and any subsequent drink if you fail to return the empty). At the end of the night, you can exchange your current empty back for your €1, though we suggest you forfeit this as a token donation towards the venue’s various endeavours



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