Octan – Club Profile, Information & Tips

"when it’s popping off, it’s one of our favourite club rooms on Earth."

Once a part of the Sankeys franchine, Octan has continued with the same ethos under new ownership. Essentially, not much has changed. The aesthetics, music policy and vibe has kept consistent, even if the faces behind the scenes are new. Frankly, that’s exactly how it should be. Whatever name is above the door, Octan’s strength lies in guaranteeing quality underground clubbing no matter the day of the week. It’s dinghy, it’s sweaty, and we love it.

Whilst it’s true that, unlike other Ibiza clubs, it doesn’t instantly scream “you’re in Ibiza”, Octan does provide a real alternative night out. A club where modern phenomena like narcissistic social media updates and documenting every second of your night out take a backseat, allowing the soundtrack to take the spotlight. One more thing, take a look at those drink prices! A snip in comparison to the rest. We couldn’t possibly go without mentioning the basement room either. Low ceilings, neon tube lighting, and a Void sound system that blitzs the dancefloor, when it’s popping off, it’s one of our favourite club rooms on Earth.

Octan Top Tips

  • The street which Octan sits on, Carrer de les Alzines, is lined with bars making it the ideal place to start your night. The cocktails are strong, the lights are bright and as life whizzes past, it’ll set the pace for the night ahead and put you in the right frame of mind to hit the dancefloor hard. You’ll be propositioned by PRs the whole length of the street. Just remember one rule: never accept the first offer.
  • Few DJs command the basement with the chemistry of Darius Syrossian. He has a connection like no other with the room. If the stars align and you find yourself on the island at the same time as he’s due to play Octan, drop everything else and make yourself available

Prices & Opening Times

Octan opens at 00:00 and closes at 06:00.

Entry into Octan is usually around €30 on the door, but can be cheaper if buying in advance. Bottled beer is €8, bottled water is €5, and long drinks are €15.

Dress Code

In true underground style, the dress code is very casual.

Pro Badge

  • Muscle your way to the front and coerce the rest of the club to conduct a mass sit-down. Warning: you lose brownie points and end up looking like a massive numpty if everybody ignores you. Timing is crucial, as are balls of steel.

Did you Know?

  • Octan Ibiza has a sister venue, Octan Malaga, which is the largest nightclub in the Costa del Sol region on the Spanish mainland.
  • Sankeys founder Dave Vincent parted ways with the company in 2018. The current regime at Octan were actually already in charge behind the scenes at Sankeys IBZ throughout that summer, during which they licensed the Sankeys name. Not only did the change to Octan in 2019 signal a new dawn, but it coincided with a buy-out of the building as well.
  • UK graffiti artist Nicolas Dixon was commissioned to install the psychedelic mural that adorns Octan’s exterior. It was one of the few cosmetic changes made in the switch from Sankeys to the new name



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