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Underground Ibiza | Club Profile, Information & Tips

"This is most definitely not one for casual tourists."

Underground does exactly what is says on the label, refusing to subscribe to the in-your-face marketing and presence of its more famous counterparts on the island. In fact, it’s so tucked away, you would scarcely know it was there. San Rafael is known for boasting superclubs Amnesia and Privilege, but Underground revels in the fact that it is a lot more conspicuous.

Underground is best known for championing the rolling, Romanian style of house. Its patrons including Rhadoo and his RPR Soundsystem gang, which prove to be amongst the most popular weekly nights always attracting a strong local and worker crowd. One last thing we can say about Underground is that in many respects, it really does feel like the last bastion of authentic Ibiza clubbing before the island succumbed to commercialism – at least in the south.

Dare we say, it also still has that air of illicit hedonism? Truthfully, it’s probably going to prove too much for you unless you’re a seasoned clubber. This is most definitely not one for casual tourists. Like the club’s motto proud states, it’s “not for everyone”! Strictly no phones on the dancefloor.

Underground Ibiza Top Tips

  • Keep your eyes out for special one-offs, such as INFUSE and Vatos Locos. These typically take place at the tail-end of the season, September to October. This period is notoriously the best for parties, as mass tourism nears to an end and the music purists flock to the island. It’s also a time when money has been made and the industry and island itself can let its hair down a little
  • A good rule of thumb for any underground club no matter where you are in the world, is to brush up on who’s playing prior to your arrival. In order to maintain the vibe, you may well be quizzed on the door in order to weed out any novices. Knowledge is power

Prices & Opening Times

Underground opens at 23:00 and closes at 07:00.

Entry into Underground is usually around €20 on the door, including your first drink Bottled beer is €10, bottled water is €5, and long drinks are €15.

Dress Code

The dress code at Underground Ibiza is very casual, as with most underground clubs.

Pro Badge

Head to the garden and see how much nonsense you can reel off to a complete stranger in the space of 5 minutes. This is the authentic Underground rite of passage!

Did you Know?

  • Although Underground’s programming is, well, “underground” 95% of the time, occasionally it does throw up some curveballs. Sven Väth sold out the venue in summer 2019 and acts to play in previous years include Maceo Plex and Apollonia
  • We’ve seen endless strange things on the dancefloor in our time, but how about an actual tree in the middle of a club. We kid you not! Whether it was planted there or whether the club was merely built around it, remains a mystery. Good talking point though
  • Long before it become a club, the site of Underground was used as a restaurant that was owned by controversial film director Roman Polanski



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