Which area to stay in when visiting Las Vegas?

Disover the 3 main areas of Las Vegas

"Gone are the days when faded stars at the end of their careers came here for a final paycheck..."

Over 40 million people a year. That’s how many visitors Las Vegas now sees on an annual basis. If those numbers are staggering, so is the opulence they afford. Some of the finest, most exclusive restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment offerings in the world can now be had here on a daily basis in this 24/7 town. Gone are the days when faded stars at the end of their careers came here for a final paycheck, replaced by big names like Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Aerosmith and more who hold their own wildly successful Vegas residencies. A bevy of celebrity chefs have followed suit. Likewise, a once underwhelming, middle-of-the-road club scene has exploded in the last decade into one of the hottest there is anywhere. Nowadays, no one sleeps on the city that never sleeps.

Where to Stay?

Like the belt-loosening buffets long associated with a city defined, at least in part, by excess, Las Vegas offers a little something for everybody and every budget when it comes to lodging.    

The Strip

Here, the options are as deep as the pockets of the gambling whales who flock to Las Vegas to wager sums that rival the GDP of a small island nation. Seeing as how this is where the action is in terms of clubs, concert halls and sporting events, you’ll pay more here per room on average than elsewhere in the city. This being said, The Strip is where the majority of visitors stay, and there are more cost-conscious offerings available, especially in late summer and early winter, where rates are discounted at some properties due to less tourist traffic. On the flipside, have $35,000 a night to spend on a place to cop some Zzzzzs? Book The Nobu Villa at the Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace — Justin Bieber did, having celebrated his 21st birthday there  — where you’ll get your own butler to help navigate the three-bedroom suite. Still, you don’t have to be a pop star to stay here in style.   


This is where it all began in earnest in the 1930s, when Las Vegas legalized casino gambling and construction launched on the nearby Hoover Dam in Boulder City 30 miles to the east, funneling hordes of workers downtown to blow their paychecks. This is where you’ll get a taste of old Vegas, with plenty of vintage properties like the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, which dates all the way back to 1906, many of them located along the Fremont Street Experience, a freewheeling party spot topped by a massive video canopy. Room rates are also cheaper here than on The Strip, which is one of the main draws for this part of town. 


Yes, people actually live in Las Vegas, and the numerous off-Strip properties largely cater to the natives with movie theaters, bowling alleys, slot clubs and bingo rooms. This being said, these properties often also offer great value in terms of affordable room rates for those willing to take a quick Uber or cab to The Strip or downtown.

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